Real Estate in Germany already 2nd – European Property Investment Target – Spain Remains Top

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source: Real Property Journal

According to Knight Franck, asking 150 investors where they will invest in the next year Spain remains only slightly in front of real estate Germany. Above all this is an extraordinary fact considering Spain’s property boom was driven by a lot of holiday destination buyers.

Therefore latest studies reveal real estate Germany become more and more attractive. In conclusion the main reason is the more easy buying process by German government. For more details on the actual German market read  6 Best Reasons for Foreigners – Buying a property in Germany in this article.

Real Estate in Germany
vs. Real Estate in Spain

The whole article with a brief comparison of real estate in Spain and real estate in Germany from Real Property Journal can be found here. Spain Remains Top European Property Investment Target, Germany Second 

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European Investment Targets

Additional Short Excerpt. Over a quarter (25.4%) of attendees chose Germany as their preferred target. This means, that results mirror the buoyant investment activity seen in the country. Therefore with a total of €30 billion invested during H1 2017, an increase of 35% compared to H1 2016.

In conclusion it will be interesting to see how these two markets will prosper in the next few years. To sum this up, we strongly believe real estate in Germany will become the top property investment in Europe for these given reasons.

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