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founded 1997 “Financial-Services” had a clear vision: to provide you the best expertise and financial service – there is!

Our team of experts, each with a formerly passion & profession in the financial fields will help you to reach your financial goals. We get you covered in the fields of independent banking and investment advice, mortgage lending and our main expertise the German Property Market. Different to our competitors all of our consultants have gained further qualifications. This includes the “Consultant for Financial Services” with an exam at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce – Germany.


This special exam connects the classic fields of financial advisory. These are real estate, mortgage lending, insurance, investment and subsidy consultancy. Together in one highly valuable combination this gives you the best financial advice and service – there is. With the experience and knowledge gained over the last nearly 20 years, we can help you to reach your financial goals quicker. With holistic, independent solutions you get everything out of one hand. Talk with us!


Especially in the real estate business we can offer you outstanding good services. Best investment concepts with over 300 valued partners in all key areas of Germany. A small excerpt of some of our premium partners:


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If you are looking for a partnership for your investments in Germany – we are here for you. Our independent advice and way above-normal commitment to our customers – reliability and empathy for your needs, we will help you to reach your investment goals. If you want to take a closer look, feel free to check Our Services.


Contact us. We offer you the -First Consultation for Free- to get to know each other. Check if you feel comfortable with us as your partner for all financial matters!

Looking forward to our first contact!

Hartmut Obst
Independent Financial Adviser