Buying Investment Property in Germany – Guide

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Buying Process of Your Property

We offer you a bespoke and complete administration for buying investment property in Germany. From setting up your brief to taking care of the whole process. Pre-seeing properties, organizing visits, negotiating for you for the best price and terms.

With all necessary specialists (notary, lawyer or architects) at hand we can help you – closing the contract to your full satisfaction.

Buying Investment Property in Germany - Step-by-Step

Brief with You

Of course if you want to find the property that fits your needs, an important step will be the brief, fully tailored for your needs. It is fundamental for us to catch the quintessence behind your investment- or real estate goals.

We will sit down together and complete your comprehensive brief. We want to know what you are searching for from all angles. Area, property qualities, way of life, group, yearning, and in addition your necessities and prerequisites. Whether you have an unmistakable thought what you are searching for, or only a dream, we will listen. We then offer you our assistance with bringing your ideas to life and transform it into a powerful tool to find your match.

Of course often clients are simply looking for an outstanding investment opportunity – so we will discuss this either. As this step is key for buying investment property in Germany we will lead you through it.

Searching for You

With the above step done, we will begin the inquiry. We will start to collect possible objects for you from within and even outside our huge network you now can participate from. We will take first steps checking the market for you and starting to discuss with our partners. All done with your personal goals in mind. Discovering every property that matches your definite criteria.

This is the time where our experience, market information and networks are fundamental and key to a satisfying result. We will work through this whole process, saving you lots of time and money. We will send you the properties that perfectly fit with your criteria and goals. This provides you with the simple opportunity to make a first choice, deciding whether you love what we have discovered for you or not.

If you want to get an impression which areas have the best predictions for the future, which will be the most important fact if you want to buy investment property in Germany. Take a look at our article: City Ranking Germany – Prognosis


Once you decided which properties are in line with your needs or dreams, we manage and organize individual viewing appointments for you. You can sit back and relax and just wait for our call. If after the viewing process you decide that one or two objects really got your interest we will be at your side to help you to balance the pros and cons.

When you finally feel happy with the property and glad to make an offer, we go the next step together. If not, we will proceed with the inquiry until we find your fantasy property or the perfect investment for you.

-Preparing Closing-

When you decided on a property, we will negotiate for you. We are very experienced at negotiating. With 20 years in the real estate business, we know how we can help you to get the best price. Although the sellers and their agent will try to get the highest price, we are proud to say, that we will negotiate tough for you.

Our goal is to get the lowest price possible for you.

Closing the Deal
Buying Investment Property in Germany
-Due Diligence-

 After both parties accept the outcome of the negotiation, your lawyer will do the important Due Diligence. Legal checks will be applied and then he will draft the private contract.

The legalities surrounding buying a property in Germany can be complex. Although not compulsory by law, it is highly advised that you use the services of a qualified, independent lawyer to see you through to completion.

For total peace of mind, we will recommend a trusted and competent local lawyer, but the choice is entirely yours.

After completion you as the buyer and the seller will be at the notary office, where the contracts will be signed by all parties. From then on you are the proud owner of your new German Property. For Tax Information read our article Property Taxes in Germany. For more about Our Services you can read here.

If you have any further questions to the buying process, feel free to Contact Us at any time.

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